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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Art at the Speed of Life

I just got this new book - Art at the Speed of Life motivation & inspiration for making mixed-media art every day. It really is motivating & inspiring! The book is by Pam Carriker, but there are a lot of chapters by familiar names.

Suzi Blu has a chapter. Here's a quote from her pages that made me smile, & will make it in some form into my art journal. "By creating, you are manifesting something where nothing existed, and this in itself is amazing. You are a little god, creator of your own universe, so any mark you make is sacred. Remember that."

I wish the book was more specific in some areas, but on the other hand, there are lots of specifics in others. There's a part entitled Becoming an Artist as a Second Career, but no specifics on how to do that.

There are lots of projects that are not the usual run of the mill projects. These have substance, & sent me looking for some art supplies I don't normally use.

Paulette Insall has an infomative section called Be an A+ Student in Online Workshops. She listed lots of tips & links to some great online classes. A couple of her paintings made it into the book, & I've done my version of her Rest in the Shadow of His Wings. They say you can learn by copying the masters. I learn by copying artists whose work I admire. I admired Pam Carriker's My Eyes Make Pictures, so I did  a sketch of it.

The Seven Day Journal Project is fun & challenging & the Artist Spotlight Projects are amazing & are keeping me challenged. My next project is by Glenda Bailey - Encaustic Encounter Collage.

I'm loving this book!

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