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Saturday, April 30, 2011

First Oil on Canvas - 18" x 24"

I've never worked in oils before, so I decided the quickest way to get a feel for this medium was to do it the Bob Ross speed painting way. I learned a LOT, some of what NOT to do, & some of what I really need to practice to do well. 

The palette knife is not my friend! I felt like a 2 year old handling it, & that's what the mountains are done with.

Another discovery - I'm a sloppy oil painter. Even though I wore an apron, I still got paint on my top, on a pair of scissors lying on the table, on the table. My brand new easel has so much paint slopped on it, it looks like it's been in someone's studeo for years & years. Ummmmmmmmm, I didn't purchase enough paint thinner, so my brushes all have a sap green tinge to them.

Will I continue to works with this medium? I have to admit, as much as I stumbled & bumbled around, I still enjoyed it. As for what the painting itself looks like? It is what it is - a first-time oil painting, so I'll just let that speak for itself. I didn't have high expectations, so I'm not disappointed. I do have a new flame burning, though fueled by the desire to paint a better picture.

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