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Friday, April 26, 2013

I just completed domino books for a swap. We altered the dominoes & created the accordion style book. The inside book had to be done in a single theme, & the backside of the paper had to match the theme. Here are the ones I created:
The Themes.
1.  An Art Journal - it has several art journal techniques including blind drawing.
2.  Rain in the Hood - hand drawn, colored pencils, chalk pastels. A whimsical neighborhood.
3.  No More Borders Art Journal - another art journal type book.
4.  Fog in the Hood - a really foggy view of the whimsical neighborhood.

Here's a picture of the front of the dominoes. They are all colored with alcohol inks, & they tie closed with a ribbon. WARNING! It was said by more than one artist in the swap that once you started making these, it's hard to stop. I agree!
How to Make a Mini Domino Book

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